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Meet the fam: McKenzie Taylor

Meet the fam: McKenzie Taylor

Meet the lovely souls who direct your practice. Whether it’s a sweat fest in MOVE MORE or a deep stretch in EASE, these guys have your back. Get to know the teachers who guide + move us. Photos by Sincerely Image.

Meet McKenzie, Good Space’s pocket rocket yoga instructor, who teaches our Move More on Thursday nights. In 2018 McKenzie expanded her practice to include training with Feelosophy, which focuses on restorative yoga with hands-on adjustments, and is currently pursuing MisfitMethod training at Misfit Studio.  

Read more about her yoga journey below:

Hometown? / Where are you from?

Portland, Oregon! And yes, Portlandia is somewhat accurate. Before moving to Toronto, I spent 6 years living and starting to somewhat come into my own in Victoria, B.C., so depending on the day; you’ll sometimes hear me answer with that.

What’s your sign?

Taurus Sun, Cancer Rising, Aquarius Moon.

What was your path to finding yoga / what drew you to the practice?

To be honest, I sort of just stumbled on yoga. Coming from a dance background, I went into it looking solely for something that would simulate a similar physical experience and outlet for creative movement as dancing did. But once I realized the effects yoga started to have on my emotional, mental, and in some ways spiritual self, I really started to become drawn to the practice.

What inspires you to keep making it to the mat?

I think it’s really about growth. The practice allows me to continue learning to dive deeper into myself, to create space, to cultivate my physical & mental strength, to CONNECT. When I recognize how much it’s influenced how I’m learning to evolve as an individual, it always keeps me coming back.

How does your practice fit into your life?

For me, the practice is about so much more than the physical movements, which is great in terms of being able to consistently integrate it into my day-to-day. Whether it’s practicing tuning in to my breath when things gets a little heavy, or as simple as checking in with how my body experiences sitting in a chair or walking down the street, it’s all part of the practice. That being said, if you’ve been to one of my classes, you know how down I get with lots of physical movement, so I try to make time for that as frequently as I can.

What’s your vibe: slow and chill or hard and sweaty, any specific influences that affect your teaching style?

I really enjoy teaching a class that sweaty and challenging, but I think it’s important to counter that with the slow and chill vibes. It’s all about the balance, you know.

Favourite plant?

It took me 25 years to figure out what my favourite colour was, and I like plants way too much – I don’t think I’m capable of choosing just one. I like them ALL.

Can’t live without?

I’m really tempted to write out the full names of my best friends here.