Kush + Push

By Megan Alexander

Kush + Push

From experiential cannabis brand Dirt, comes Kush and Push; a wellness program designed to heighten your focus and fluidity as you move your body, and elevate your recovery + relaxation post workout.

Hosted at and guided by Good Space, our two hour session includes a micro-dosed Kush and Push bar, mindful breathing warmup, guided flow, capped off with a 5 minute meditation. Enjoy the benefits of getting a little lost in your practice and an extra special rest after you leave the class. For questions on the Kush and Push bars please email info@dirtdirt.ca.

Dirt is an experiential company specializing in community engagement and events, all under the cannabis umbrella.

At Dirt, we acknowledge the changing approach to cannabis and look to provide places where curious and mindful people can explore the plant that we are working to de-stigmatize.