Anti-Racism Commitments

Our commitments to anti-racism start but don't stop here.

We will continue to evolve these commitments as our own personal education develops and our opportunities for change grow.

  • Good Space has and will continue our monthly donation partnership with the New Leaf Foundation, an organization that brings mindfulness tools to underserved and stigmatized communities. 1% of each monthly membership to our on-demand platform, Good Space ~ Any Place, is also donated to the New Leaf Foundation.

  • Bi-annual community classes with proceeds donated to local organizations helping under-served communities.

  • Three hours of studio space, offered monthly, at 25% off the normal rental cost for BIPOC-run organizations or individuals for use towards private classes, workshops or wellness events. 

  • We commit to hiring BIPOC groups and individuals to facilitate workshops, teach classes and provide services to our business.

  • We commit to using our social platform to amplify BIPOC voices and share our community.

  • Our memberships offer the most affordable way to practice, starting at $15.50 / class. If you cannot pay for the lump sum of a membership up front, please get in touch with us and we will set up a payment plan.

  • All of our workshops have lower-cost pricing options for those that self-identify as low-income. Reach out to us if you would like to use of them, no questions asked.

  • Understanding that white supremacy informs all of the systems we operate in, Good Space will include in any future training: anti-racism, equality and allyship tools + information relevant to that specific training.

  • Scholarships to be made available for BIPOC for future trainings offered through our studio.