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Alexa Xavier

Alexa (she/her) is a contemporary Pilates instructor who finds inspiration in the place between play and functional movement. In classes or 1:1 sessions, her goal is to foster an environment that communicates sustainability, self-confidence and body neutrality. She loves to remind folks that they can always find the support they need, both in themselves and from community.


Amanda Acorn

Amanda Acorn (she/her) is an artist, researcher, and teacher based in Tkaronto, Canada. She is a passionate facilitator of movement and works to build spaces for care through the intersections of her art practice and her work as a movement guide. Encouraging curiosity and a sense of discovery, Amanda explores how movement practice can bring us into deeper dialogue with the world, expanding our awareness, strength, and aliveness.


Carman Chan

1. Pronouns: She/her

2. Currently teaching: MOVE [pilates]

3. Sign: Taurus + Dog (Chinese zodiac)

4. What informs your practice? Pilates, dance, music, listening to the energy in the room, curiosity/ the desire to deepen in my practice. Also, I'm doing my yoga teacher training soon so I'm curious to see how that will inform my practice :)

5. Current sounds you're practicing to: Funk, R&B, Soul, some chill dance/electronic for more energetic moments.

6. Currently taking inspiration from: My inner child reminding me that movement can be fun, joyful and free -- it doesn't have to be that serious!!.

7. A good space in 3 words: Authentic. Compassionate. Affirming


Patricia Dominski

1. Pronouns: She/her

2. Currently teaching: MOVE [vinyasa]

3. Sign: Aquarius

4. What informs your practice? Curiosity. This need to move my body in different ways and to explore postures from lots of different angles. Keeps me excited and growing in my practice.

5. Current sounds you're practicing to: I haven’t really been practicing to any music lately. When I do it’s older playlists of mine on shuffle. Some of my favourite artists: Lapsley, Rhye, Geoffrey, Khalid & Shallou.

6. Currently taking inspiration from: My meditations, walks, free play on my mat each day, Instagram & books.

7. A good space in 3 words: Creative, inclusive + safe


Renelyn Quinicot

1. Pronouns: She/her

2. Currently teaching: MOVE [kundalini + pilates]

3. Sign: Capricorn! & super earthy with tons of Virgo and a dash of water signs like Pisces and Scorpio.

4. What informs your practice? I am a big believer in the body as a storyteller, keeper of memory and as an extension of our lineage. I am curious about movement as a practice of loving self-study, and the breath as a site of inquiry. 
I am inspired by P L A Y as an act of resistance.

+ + + 
Exploring more ways my practice can be a homebase to allow all emotions to compassionately co-exist, rather than be a break / tucking under the rug of all the things i don't want to feel, is informing my practice especially through these times.

5. Current sounds you're practicing to: "Guara" by Ar-tu feels like a portal to a place I always want to start my practice in. I love disco, funk, old soul music, 90s chillllll rap, psychedelic rock, and eerie folk music. I like to practice to Kundalini mantra music and spacey ambient sounds like 'Future Waves' by Uther Modes to feel like I am floating or teleporting as I breathe... : )

6. Currently taking inspiration from: The trees, the waters...wee ones (kiddos) as my greatest teachers. d r e a m s, and psychedelics. 💫

7. A good space in 3 words: Safe(er), diverse, silly


Sam McGrenaghan

With a background in gymnastics and track + field, competitive sports + intense training have always been a part of Sam's life. She discovered yoga during her studies in university and from that point on, the practice became her lifeline and daily practice.Sam's teaching style combines the flow of Ashtanga with the alignment of Iyengar for a fun and playful yet intentional way of practice. She believes that as we connect our bodies to our breath, making space to feel and be present in every asana, yoga can become the ultimate self-expression. Sam's classes will leave you feeling encouraged, accomplished, focused and energized.


Tash Francesca

1. Pronouns: She/her

2. Currently teaching: MOVE [vinyasa + pilates]

3. Sign: Virgo sun, pisces moon, libra rising

4. What informs your practice? Prānāyām (breath work), decolonization, yoga philosophy + peace in motion.

5. Current sounds you're practicing to: Usually my doggie sleeping, the sounds of Bathurst St + my dude talking on the phone.

6. Currently taking inspiration from: Folx I meet and meditations.

7. A good space in 3 words: Joyful, warm + (lots of) food.


Tori Lovegrove

Upon transitioning from the competitive dance scene and into the much kinder world of yoga, Tori (she/her) discovered her love for the practice at age 16 when her passion for movement grew into an even deeper love for guiding others towards finding a home within their own bodies. This love led to 300+ hours of teacher training, retreat facilitation and studio management over the years. With a heavy emphasis on self exploration and intuitive movement, she encourages a vigorous, playful practice while continuously holding space for a diverse community of students that identify with various movement backgrounds. By taking her class, you’re led to experience an emotional, physical and spiritual release through dance-like expression and somatic movement weaved together by articulate cues and meditation. Expect movement to align with loud, soulful music within a safe space where creating your own volume of release through breath is continuously encouraged.