Low-impact, intentional movement taught in an approachable way is kind of our thing.

We have two categories of classes depending on your intentions + mood: Move and Ease

  • MOVE [vinyasa]

    Contemporary Vinyasa (flow) yoga, linking movement to breath.

    Expect to feel: grounded, meditative, challenged

  • MOVE [pilates] 

    Small, precise movements (often with props) done in repetition.

    Expect to feel: strong, supported, capable

  • MOVE [vinyasa + pilates]

    A blend of classic yoga shapes with Pilates repetitions.

    Expect to feel: rooted, aligned, collected

  • MOVE [groove]

    A buoyant cardio experience through dance and aerobics.

    Expect to feel: joy, catharsis, sweaty

  • MOVE [kundalini + pilates]

    Kundalini yoga (movements + mantras done in precision) and Pilates repetitions.

    Expect to feel: fiery, dynamic, lifted


    Half Vinyasa (flow), half restorative yoga.

    Expect to feel: balanced, accomplished, rested

  • EASE [restore] 

    Rest and meditation with passive postures + supportive props.

    Expect to feel: cozy, restored, blissful

  • EASE [release]

    Restorative moves with activating breathwork.

    Expect to feel: rejuvenated, cleansed, refreshed

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