A catalyst for self-exploration through movement, mindfulness and community.

HOME WORK is a seasonally-minded and monthly-curated online members hub, deepening your relationship with your whole self and reclaiming autonomy over your wellbeing.

What's inside:


    Approachable, low-impact Pilates video series to feel your body's highest potential⁠.


    Meditation and breathwork audio practices to soothe your nervous system, take pause and reclaim rest.


    Wellness expert interviews and book explorations to broaden your knowledge and expand your understanding of what’s possible.

HOME WORK is for you if:

✴︎ “Scrolling as self-care” isn’t cutting it anymore — you’re seeking purposeful, productive, and expert-backed content

✴︎ You’re dabbling with the idea of a teacher training, but really just want a deeper dive into yoga and Pilates that supports your self-work

✴︎ Your morning walks are fuelled by wellness podcasts, and but you’re craving a sense of community you can connect with, as you learn

✴︎ You’ve been a consistent personal participant in yoga + Pilates, and seek deeper context to your practice that will support your time in-studio

Meet your HOME WORK buddies

Carman, Meg and Tash

We've been guiding movement + meditation and facilitating community connection together at Good Space since 2021. HOME WORK is a continuation of this work: a space to go deeper and connect more intimately on topics of the body, breath and being.

Recently added:


    Move through some TLC for your neck + shoulders, fit in some sneaky strength work and tie it all together in a lubricating all-directions class.


    Digestion, appetite and our 'energetic' centre are the centre of this BREATH WORK practice.


    With: Tamara "Solem" Al-Issa, Toronto-based artist, sculptor and all-around creative.

Discover how to:


    Be your own support system so you can navigate any season with a strong inner compass.


    Access new layers of health empowerment through guidance and community accountability.


    Structure and contextualize your existing practices with easy-to-access, purpose-driven information.

Body. Breath. Being.

Instantly access a library of resources and experience the impact of embracing wellness as an enriching hobby, not a task on your to-do.

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