What style of yoga do you offer?

We have two types of yoga classes: Move and Ease.

A Move class is most similar to a traditional Vinyasa, but will also include styles that are informed by instructors' training, influences or simply what they're into at the moment. Get to know your teachers and trust that they will lead you through a creative sequence that will be challenging and strengthening with an emphasis on coordination of breath to postures.

Move Light is for those interested in gentler activity and ideal for beginners. Move More, for a bit more moving and shaking.

Regular attendance leads to regular movement, and we’re all for that.

Ease classes are yin-style and restorative sequencing, designed to help you relax the body and the mind. Poses are held for up to five minutes to encourage a softening of the joints and connective tissues. Expect to leave with a more mindful connection to the present moment and a heightened awareness of your body, helping you navigate the rest of your day with compassion and grace.

In Still, the instructor will offer no cues for physical movement but instead, lead you through a guided meditation suitable for everyone from beginners to gurus. New to meditation? Check out our newbies section to learn all you need to know about your first Still.

How do I get to you?

You’ll find us in the historic Radiator building at 360 Dufferin on the southwest corner of Dufferin and Queen. If you’re arriving by public transit, the Queen 501 streetcar and Dufferin 29 bus are your best bets

Is there parking?  


Do I bring a yoga mat, and can I store it?

We want to lighten your load, so Good Space provides a B Yoga mat for everyone in class. Of course, you’re welcome to practice on your own mat but mat storage is not available in the studio, so plan accordingly.

What else should I bring/wear?

  • A reusable water bottle, because hydration never goes out of style. So is being good to the environment- no disposable water bottles for sale here!

  • Comfortable and breathable apparel.

  • A small hand-towel if you’re attending a Move class. Get ready to sweat!