Our mission

  • 1. To enrich the lives of community members through yoga, meditation and movement in the belief that when we care for ourselves, we care for others.

  • 2. To strengthen the community at large by offering a space that supports mental + physical health, local over global, and gives to Parkdale organizations so we can give back to the neighborhood we call home. 

  • 3. To foster genuine connection + community through workshops, class series and member events so like-minded people can come together and build a sense of belonging.

Our values

  • Community spaces are essential.
  • Through togetherness, we find belonging.
  • Slowing down leads to thoughtful choices and an intentional life.
  • Self-care is community care. We do our best when we feel our best.
  • To be a student of yoga is to be a student of life.
good space yoga owner meg

Meg's story

While living overseas, I found myself at a serious low point and sought solace in a local yoga studio and the community it created: an inspiring place for like-minded people gathering in moving meditation, building a sense of belonging.

When I moved back to Toronto, I set out to create a similar little slice of solace. Music-driven classes to move you beyond the routine of a day. A light, open space for contemplation and ease. A community of people gathered in personal and communal expansion. 

Good Space opened its doors in 2018, with our digital community, HOME WORK, launching five years later. I sincerely hope you find the connection within the community I aspired to create! – a space where everyone is united in the belief that when we feel our best, we do our best.

☺ Meg