• Full Body Tune Up

    Saturday, June 29 @ 2 4:00pm

    A juicy 2-hour mobility + self-massage workshop that will leave you floating on a cloud.

    With the use of blocks, a strap and massage ball, Patricia Dominski will guide from head to toe using CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) to boost circulation and passive flexibility in the joints as we go. This technique enables us to go deeper in the massage-induced release that follows each body part to alleviate stress and tension.

    This workshop offers tangible take-homes that you can utilize every day to keep your joints healthy, happy and injury-free. Releasing + nourishing, it’s a full-body tune-up!

    Patricia Dominski is an inaugural Good Space instructor and we are delighted to be offering this workshop that’s been so well received at her other studios.

    No yoga experience needed – all levels welcome.

    In an attempt to make our services more accessible to a wider range of financial abilities, three lower-cost pricing options are available at 25% discount off the full price. Please reach out to us should you wish to use this option, no questions asked.